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After starting my career in Finance / Venture at global investment banks and media companies, I've moved into senior BusOps Strategy / Growth roles - supporting venture backed startups and international NGOs. Most recently, I founded my own political organization and ran for US Congress. I'm always looking to put these skills and experiences to work for similar mission-driven, dynamic organizations. 👋 Get in touch...


My essential skill is managing ambiguous and ambitious projects alongside brilliant people while leaning on the power of critical thinking and data-driven insights to yield success.Whether it's advising and executing on behalf of some of the world's largest asset managers, efficiently distributing a $750M equity payout, diagnosing and solving challenges faced by the NCAA, Google, and The Red Cross, effectively delivering over $140k in global pandemic aid, or developing a data model that increased voter turnout by 41% - I have a wealth of experience synthesizing and streamlining disparate data sets into clear problems, defining solutions, and managing execution.Whether the role is BusOps Strategy, BusDev/Growth, or Deployment/Customer Success Leadership, I've built from zero to one and fixed broken processes across industries. 🔎 See examples below...


In my free time I’ve run ultra marathons, driven across the US, toured most of Europe, coached pole vaulting, led youth camps, and built churches. I love live music, my niece Landry, Olympic sports, and traveling to obscure midwest cities. Ask me be about driving through the Three Sisters Pass in a Mitsubishi Mirage or "performing" on stage with blink-182.


Resume // Cover Letter // Portfolio // Press


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