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Why John?

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John Isemann Team

We have lost our voice.

For nearly 100 years North New Jersey's political representation matched its conservative constituents. Our politicians fought for the values and principles that led to our prosperity:

Limited government | Fiscal responsibility | Individual liberty

My ancestors came to America and to New Jersey because those founding pillars created opportunity, rewarded hard work, and translated to a promise that life gets better. And that you had the ability to craft a future for your family. Though the dream never dies the promise is fleeting. A near majority of our country feels the American Dream is dead and have a favorable opinion of socialism...

Single party rule has taken hold of our back yard, state, and every branch of government.

The Progressive machine has been at work in New Jersey for decades. Dead set on enlarging government, regulating small business, increasing taxes, infringing upon families and religion, and unionizing education.

  • Our taxes and cost of living are the highest in the nation.

  • Our schools are struggling and failing our most vulnerable students.

  • Our infrastructure and the environment it protects is crumbling.

  • Businesses are closing and people are leaving.

We have to do something about this - something more than nominating the same candidates, to run the same campaigns, and lose to the same career politicians.

Let's reclaim our hometowns, restore America's future, and bring opportunity back to New Jersey.

We have the opportunity to take back our state, and America's future - by uniting the country, and electing transformative leaders. We need a leader that will bring new ideas, new energy, and New Jersey to the national stage - not another career politician or lukewarm millionaire.John Isemann is that leader. A 5th generation New Jerseyan, born and raised in Washington Township. John is a dedicated public servant, with hands on experience in finance, tech, media, education, ministry, and mission. For John this is not a hobby, a career, or even an obligation. It's a calling to take the ideas that have made our country great and translate them into new solutions that will make our future brighter and put New Jersey first.

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About Our Campaign

We're on a mission to unite our country, fix Washington, and bring opportunity back to New Jersey.

Meet John.

Working to bring new ideas, new energy, and New Jersey to the national stage.

Isemann family. Jersey values.

Above is a picture of the J. Wiss & Sons scissor factory in Newark. My great grandfather worked his whole life there on Bank Street to make a better one for him and his family. A life his ancestors could've only dreamed of when they first came to America. My namesake and grandfather was next in line. After serving the duty to his country in the Navy he felt a similar duty to build on the legacy his father started and move the Isemann family forward. While working at the Irvington PBR factory, he took a second job as a bank teller, and went to school at night - for 8 long years to get a bachelors degree. My grandmother worked the midnight shift at the Four Oaks Diner while raising four children so they too could inherit the dream of this promised land.

New Jersey & the next generation.

My parent's inherited opportunity was not that of better jobs or bigger houses, but the opportunity to pass the dream on. To spread opportunity to the next generation. Beyond their children, to their community - those in need in their back yard and across the globe. And that they did through churches, hospitals, schools, and non-profits.

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John Isemann, for New Jersey.

I live in the wake of this work, their dreams, and America's promise. I feel not just obligated but called by this legacy of self sacrifice to help unite our Country and fight for this American Dream. At a time when New Jersey is broken and half of our country thinks the Dream is dead we need a new breed of public servants, and leaders. With loyalty to our country and its cornerstone conservative principles, guts to challenge the status quo, and the resolve to win... I hope you'll join us in bringing new ideas, new energy and New Jersey to the national stage.

What We Care About

Issues we can fight for at the national level to bring opportunity back to New Jersey.

Bring opportunity back to NJ.

Our district pays more in tax than 99% of the country. And this - New Jersey's abysmal tax climate - is the #1 reason we are losing more citizens and businesses than any other state (and have been for close to a decade). The last time our (Democratic) representatives had a chance to fix it - they did nothing. We need to send a New Jersey voice - a fiscally responsible conservative to Washington to fight for a balanced budget. We need to continue to cut taxes, support small business, and bring opportunity back to New Jersey.

Better schools, brighter futures.

New Jersey has the some of greatest schools in the country, but we pay nearly twice as much as states like Massachusetts which holds the title for best public education in the nation. Education is the great equalizer and has the power to move our community, state, and country forward - if we challenge the status quo, continue to train and pay world class teachers, and stand up to public sector unions like the NJEA who take over $100 Million of your tax dollars each year to look out for themselves instead of your children and our students. This approach involves new ideas around choice, charters, and private/public partnerships.

Reform Washington.

Congress is in critical need of reform to reduce corruption, educate and ignite America's youth, and diminish the power of special interests. Americans want a fairer system of government, less money in politics, more bipartisanship, and fewer lobbyists in DC. All members of Congress should be subject to term limits and a lifetime ban on lobbying after leaving office. We need to push dark money out of elections and advocate for nonpartisan redistricting. All of these efforts will help bring more interesting people to politics, create truly representative representatives, and bring your voice to D.C. John is the only candidate in this race who has signed the U.S. Term Limits Pledge, will not take a Congressional Pension, will refuse lobbying positions after taking office, and holds no single stock investments, and has done no active trading during his campaign as he will not while in office.

"All members of Congress should be subject to 12 year term limits and a lifetime ban on lobbying after leaving office."

John Isemann, Washington Reform & Term Limits

A new era of environmental action.

The climate is changing, but the world is not ending. Let's have a serious conversation about sustainable solutions that are logical, pro-growth, bi-partisan, and put New Jersey first. By capitalizing on America's strengths - technological advancement, empowered consumers, and entrepreneurial businesses - we can not only solve the challenge of climate change but find economic opportunity and common ground amidst this environmental crisis. Let's work together to decarbonize fossil fuel emissions, increase nuclear and hydro plants while continuing to developing solar/wind, and encourage research into clean energy tech that works for New Jersey.

Affordable, top-notch healthcare.

The conversation around healthcare is broken. It's not a question of how we label healthcare - as a right or a luxury. The real question is, are we as a society willing to make the difficult choices to build an affordable, sustainable, and top-notch system, or are we simply going to standby while our rights and luxuries become more inaccessible. We need to redirect money and power over health care decisions away from Washington and return it to patients, communities, and states. Protect all Americans with pre-existing conditions. Inspire innovation while promoting common sense policies like direct primary care, price transparency, health care sharing, and education based services.

Infrastructure for New Jersey.

Potholes, train delays, and tunnel traffic impact more than just your commute - they affect our community. For every 10 minutes spent commuting, we spend on average 10% less time with our families and friends. And as you could probably guess - and have experienced - NJ is home to the country's most congested commutes. New Jersey's failing infrastructure is not just destroying our cars and commutes, but our sanity and community. We need to prioritize the Gateway Tunnel, fix public transportation, and focus on projects that support community, are fiscally responsible, promote economic growth, and environmental sustainability.

"Let's have a serious conversation about sustainable solutions that are logical, pro-growth, bi-partisan, and put New Jersey first."

John Isemann, Environment & Conservation

Immigration & Southern Border

We need to fix our immigration system and make the old idea of “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” new again. Having spent the last decade working in some of the poorest communities in Central America I understand that for many, America remains the “last best hope”. But our current broken system has put that hope at risk. Successful immigration policy starts with strict border policy, allowing DHS/CBP to defend our country while welcoming those who genuinely seek refuge, asylum, and respond to the over 60% of undocumented immigrants who exploit our visa system. We must pass comprehensive reform which defends our borders, creates a merit based system, and simplifies legal status/work verification, while also guaranteeing a legal pathway to entry and eventual citizenship.

21st Century Foreign Policy

Here is a new idea: a one size fits all foreign policy “doctrine” does not work in an increasingly complex 21st century world. While few would argue for American interventionism it cannot be denied that America’s leadership on the world stage is irreplaceable. Our historic alliances are to be revered, renewed and respected but not solely relied upon. One need only witness the debacles in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan to understand what happens when America chooses coalitions over missions and retreat over respect. We must recognize Russia and China not as good willed partners but economic competitors and strategic adversaries in regards to freedom, democracy and human rights.

Trade, Capitalism, China

Free market capitalism is one of America’s most significant yet generally unsung successes. Since 1970 poverty has fallen by 80%. An even more significant percentage of Americans are unaware of this fact – 84% to be exact. The values embedded in our system of enterprise which include free trade, property rights, rule of law, and entrepreneurship, are mankind’s greatest tools against poverty. The US has shared this system with the world, however adoption and key assumptions, especially among our greatest adversary - China, have been incorrect. China has manipulated institutions, implemented its own standards, and threatened the freedom and security of its neighbors. Despite this reality, the US is reliant on China for manufacturing, as is most of the world. We need to develop new partnerships and diversify supply chains while winning back the influence and direction of multilateral institutions.

"While few would argue for American interventionism it cannot be denied that America’s leadership on the world stage is irreplaceable. "

John Isemann, Foreign Policy

The Inalienable Right to Life

The rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are to be as the founders declared them to be: inalienable. When those rights come into very real conflict with one another the right to life must prevail. Thus, life should be cherished, valued and protected in all of its stages and forms. If we follow the science then here is what we now know: at six weeks a baby’s heartbeat can be detected and brain activity can be recorded. At nine weeks the baby can suck its thumb and grasp an object. Children have survived birth as early as 21 weeks and gone on to live healthy lives. As it currently stands U.S. abortion policy, which was based on 1970’s era viability standards, permits no protection for the life of a child prior to 24 weeks. The right to abortion is not absolute, and must be balanced against the government's interests in protecting the child. Using an outdated “viability standard” as that balance in light of current and coming scientific advances no longer holds. Thus, Roe should be overturned and states should be permitted to enact protections for the life of the child.

Protecting 2A

The right to bear arms is an essential American freedom. In many states, including New Jersey (home to some of the strictest gun control laws), the Second Amendment is under attack. Laws that limit magazine capacity or ban assault weapons (there is no agreed upon definition for this term) don’t make America safer. They punish law abiding citizens and make gun ownership unaffordable. Instead of discouraging legal gun ownership, we should equip law enforcement with sufficient resources to combat illegal gun possession and trafficking. We need to focus our attention and resources on legislation that actually fixes the root cause of gun violence in America - mental illness (two-thirds of gun deaths in America are suicides) and illegal guns (which account for 80% of gun-related crime).

Unconstitutional Mandates

This is about freedom and personal choice. For this vaccine and this virus there are no legal, political, or scientific grounds for mandates. Legally we have repeatedly seen high courts reject the constitutionality of President Biden’s vaccine mandates. Politically, Democratic Party leadership has questioned the vaccine’s efficacy and spoken out against such mandates. Scientifically, this vaccine has not been shown capable of protecting public health. This vaccine has been effective in reducing hospitalization and death from COVID-19 but as the CDC has repeatedly and increasingly emphasized this vaccine does not similarly protect you from contracting or spreading the virus. The last thing our hardworking citizens, front line workers, students, and every day Americans need is another unconstitutional government overreach limiting their freedom to go about their everyday lives.

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John Isemann Team

John Isemann Team

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John Isemann Team


John Isemann Team
John Isemann Team
John Isemann Team
John Isemann Team
John Isemann Team